The Box Docce 2B S.p.A. showers, built in 1975 is a leading manufacturer of shower enclosures with anodized aluminum, and tempered glass panels with 8-6-3 mm, with acrylic panels (PS). The constant effort to improve product quality, attention to the different needs of different markets, will provide a better service to customers through a brand new fully automated vertical storage system aimed at the stock, has allowed the company to steady growth both nationally and internationally. The plant, based in Solihull, near Modena, which currently employs around 70 people and covers a service area of over 28,000 square meters.


Box Docce 2B produces not only quality shower producer. We are born into a generational passage that projects us into the future challenges of a world in constant transformation. Refreshing of modernization, necessary changes, unstoppable evolution of the technology: Box Docce 2B is placed between traditional shower and technological innovations..

Stronger in the production of shower enclosures, we have evolved to offer our customers a complete range of products: basic 3 mm, everyday 6mm, 6/8 design, design 8mm, in line with our style of productions and with deep knowledge of our customers needs.

Thanks to our bond with tradition and always with a special look to the future, we have created a modern production workshop with 3D printers, automated warehouses, custom packaging, and many technical support and services. Functional criteria guide for production and services to satisfy all the desires and demands of all our customers.

With an all-encompassing look to the global trends, we explore new design universes with the lightness of the imagination.
Innovative techniques of production on a large scale become indispensable tools for the construction of the company's identity, with the use of a constantly evolving design.

Our company can make use of all the “know-how” made in Italy that is synonymous of reliability and orientation to the requirements of each customer with the production of personalized shower enclosures.

Box Docce 2B is the manufactory that produces certainty in the unpredictability of the future.


new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


BOX DOCCE 2B customizes the shower enclosure with tailored Swarovski Elements decorations.


The Swarovski elements certification identifies products decorated with Swarovski Elements exclusively. Products with original Swarovski elements have a laser brand on crystal, attesting the authenticity of decorations. Each Swarovski decorated product is sold with authenticity certification.



SWAROVSKY® ELEMENTS:  Box Docce 2B makes your dreams come true! We supply custom-tailored enclosures with accessories and Swarovski elements decoration on 6 mm - 8 mm glass collections.