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Contract & Naval Division

Aesthetics and innovation for major projects

The skills of craftsmanship and personalization, our design and our know-how allow us to assist the customer in the choice of solutions adapted to all contexts of life

The Contract sector was for us an opportunity that allowed us to grow mainly on the international scene.

Boxdocce2B has become a company appreciated all over the world not only for its production and design capacity, but also for being an example of “Italian style” and “Made in Italy”

  accompanies and second the architectural firms, the designers, the construction companies, the shipyards and the companies of general works in all the phases of development of a hotel, residential, hospital project and naval.

2B in the naval trade

Strategic importance

In addition to being appreciated for supplies in the Contract channel, the company 2B plays a strategic role in the naval sector so as to be exclusive partner of Fincantieri Italy, Fincantieri Europe, STX France, MSC Cruises